Program Evaulation Services


Pre-Program Evaluation Process

Zajonc Corporation Associates will interview the clients program leaders, stakeholders and participants to determine the best strategy for approaching any evaluation process. Will the evaluation be participatory action research (PAR)? Or more of an organizational problem solving evaluation (practical-participatory evaluation, P-PE)? All necessary evaluation instruments, surveys and assessment tools will be developed prior to the initiation of the program.

Program Logic Model Development

Zajonc Corporation Associates will assist the client in the development of appropriate Logic Models to organize, guide and encourage all program elements: strategic planning, stakeholders’ discussions, program activities that “fit” with the expected outcomes, overall program framework, collection of program data, and the sustainability of the program.

In-Program Evaluation Process

Zajonc Corporation Associates will participate in the client’s program as professional external evaluation team members. Conferences will be scheduled and convened to assess the client and stakeholders of program progress and process and to consult on the potential need for alterations to program protocols. An assessment of all Evaluation Services instruments and tools will be conducted to determine the effectiveness and appropriateness of each.

Final Program Evaluation Reports

At the conclusion of every program, Zajonc Consulting staff will meet with program directors and stakeholders and assess the program’s final data and accomplishments. All program data, evaluation results and instrument data will be held in the strictest privacy and confidentiality to protect the program, stakeholders and participants.