Editing and Scoring of Your Grant Application

Experienced Seriation University editing staff will review your application for both grammar and syntax. In addition, our trained staff will “score” your application using the scoring guidelines provided by the grantor. All of these services will be provided in time for you to make the needed edits and corrections and will provide you with invaluable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal BEFORE you actually submit your application.

Pre-Award Grant and Contract Administration

Seriation University staff will work with you and your team to develop a grant application including budgetary calculations, identification of resources and assets, conference planning for collaborators, and negotiations with partners. In addition, Seriation University will assist in the development of Facilities and Administrative costs calculations for your application.

Post-Award Grant and Contract Administration

Upon successful approval of your application Seriation University can provide expert support and consultation on the administration of the award. This service will include a variety of activities and functions: compliance with funding agency criteria; local, state. and federal regulations; fiscal oversight; and staffing issues. Further, we partner with Zajonc Corporation, a nationally recognized evaluation company, to help ensure all aspects of your grant receive the expertise it needs to be successful.

Community Needs Assessments

StatAttack is the Seriation division responsible for providing competitive advantage to any agency or organization pursuing grant or contract funds. StatAttack will provide the statistical ‘needs’ assessment for your program or project. This assessment is a vital part of any request to secure program, project, or capital improvement funds.