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SERIATION® Client Tracking System (CTS)
SERIATION® Stats Tracking System (STS)

The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 are but a few of the growing number of governmental rules and regulations requiring non-profits and school districts to be accountable for their performance results. In the 1970’s and 1980’s , many agencies and districts needed to only count the number of students and parents attending activities to comply with the required “output” measure results. Today, however, agencies and districts need much more detailed accounting for performance, including “outcomes”, associated with the programs and activities provided to students and parents. Most agencies and districts do not have the time or the personnel needed for these time-consuming tasks. Further, most agencies and districts are attempting to comply with these regulations using paper based, spreadsheet, and/or “homegrown” databases and most are doing so with limited results.

Zajonc Corporation has developed a line of internet deployed, easy to use, database applications called SERIATION®. The SERIATION® product line includes the Client Tracking System (CTS) and the StatsTracker System (STS). The CTS module is a case management tool used by agencies and school districts to track referrals, case notes, and qualitative “outcome” measures. The STS module is designed to track, over a three year period, quantitative measures, such as attendance and hours per activity, as well as “outcome” evaluation data. While both modules come with robust reports, additional customized reports can be generated for each.

SERIATION® Client Tracking System (CTS)

SERIATION® is a complete client-tracking and case management system. SERIATION® permits:

Self-Referral: Developed to provide ease of use, SERIATION® provides social service agencies with the ability to allow referring agencies and/or their own clients to submit referrals over the internet. No more concerns about lost referrals or referrals “falling through the cracks”! SERIATION® provides the means to allow online referral entry and has dynamic reports that can alert you when referrals are received.

Standard Referral: SERIATION® tracks referral data including demographics, referring concerns and contact information. Baseline data is collected so that evaluation reports are a “snap” to complete. Additionally, administrators can accept and/or reject referrals online. Statistical reports can be generated documenting the demographic information of all referrals received, accepted and/or rejected. These instant reports are invaluable when reporting to grantors and/or when seeking additional grant funds.

Client Profile: SERIATION® allows your staff the ability to enter additional information on each client accepted into your program(s). Additional information includes emergency contacts, school/work status, social/medical status and baseline data related to your specific program(s) — attendance rates at school and/or work, past criminal referrals, previous treatments, etc.

Assessments: SERIATION® has two “built-in” assessment tools — one for adults and one for adolescents. These assessments allow staff to efficiently walk clients through a structured and detailed interview so that each life domain is addressed and documented. Note: SERIATION® is designed to work with any assessment tool your programs choose to use.

Master Service Plans: ‘Quality services’ are those that can be replicated. SERIATION®’s Master Service Plans are ‘quality services’. Agencies can capture and/or create, for each client, psychological assessment information, protective and risk factor analyses, service plan case staffing reports and progress tracking needed as each client progresses through your program.


Full Access Reporting: Recent federal, state and local initiatives have mandated that social service agencies provide full services to all clients. These guidelines are meant to ensure that every client, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and/or disability, has full access to all eligible services. SERIATION® provides a “Full Access” report on each client so that, at any time, staff and administrators can easily and quickly determine which services a client has received and which services are still pending. SERIATION® is so flexible that each agency can add their own services, creating unique, custom Full Access Reports.

Case Notes: SERIATION® allows the entry of individual and group conference notes for each client. Instant reports allow the counselor and/or administrator to see the entire history of client services via online reports.

Grantor Reports: SERIATION® provides instant reports by fund source. These quick and easy reports give administrators the ability to quickly and painlessly address federal, state and local reporting requirements. The flexibility of SERIATION® reporting ensures that your agency will not need a separate “tracking” system each time your agency secures additional funding.

No Show Reporting: SERIATION® allows for online “no-show” reporting. With more grantors requiring activity reports by client, SERIATION® allows your agency to document your attempts at reaching out to the client. When a client is absent, outcome and output evaluation data can be skewed against you. SERIATION® allows your staff the ability to track client “no-shows”, creating reports that can be used to report/respond to federal, state and local officials on client progress or lack thereof.

Discharges: SERIATION® allows tracking clients’ discharges, called terminations, as successful, unsuccessful or administrative. Knowing how many clients have successfully discharged is essential for long term reporting and grant writing. SERIATION® provides online termination reports that document the number of discharges and allows administrators to track discharge demographic data by type (e.g. successful, unsuccessful or administrative).

Drug Testing Results: SERIATION® allows, if needed, tracking of drug testing laboratory results. With more emphasis being placed on substance abuse testing, this unique and easy to use feature is an excellent example of how SERIATION® enhances case management.

Contractor Entry: New federal, state, and local confidentiality laws have created significant concerns and challenges for many “home grown” case management and client tracking systems. How can third party contractors use the system but only see the data pertinent to their assigned clients? SERIATION® has resolved this dilemma. Using secure logins, contractors can have access to your internet based system and can update specific clients’ case records immediately but cannot access any other client records. Importantly, multiple contractors can be given access, through protected passwords and usernames, to specific client records, allowing them to input their own notes, saving you time and money and less “waiting for the mail” anxieties.

SERIATION® Client Tracking System (STS)

Client Entry: The General Education Provision Act (GEPA) requires that participants in grant funded programs have equitable access to all activities and services. Therefore, tracking by client has become essential. SERIATION® STS allows for agencies and school districts to track the age, ethnicity, gender, and other characteristics specific to each participant. Further, SERIATION® STS allows administrators to track by district (for agencies and school districts collaborating with several districts), campus, zip code and county. This detailed information becomes vital when questions arise about equitable access for clients in various parts of your agency’s catchment area.

Curriculum: With the increasing pressure to use scientifically based, research proven curriculums, many agencies and school districts are overwhelmed in attempting to calculate which students received which curriculums. SERIATION® STS makes this process simple. By adding your agencies curriculum to the system, the SERIATION® STS database will report the number of students receiving each curriculum, when they received it and for how long – making performance reports a “snap”.

Staff: Tracking which staff provides which service has always been a burden. With SERIATION® STS, the provider/service/hours are entered, allowing administrators and funding sources to quickly determine which staff performed which service and for how long. Further, evaluations can be easily conducted to determine if staff characteristics (e.g.: age, ethnicity, gender) had an impact on student performance.

Agency: Knowing that reduced funding has resulted in many organizations having to more effectively collaborate, SERIATION® STS allows evaluation tracking across legal entities. The resultant report(s) for each individual legal entity significantly increases the efficiency of tracking student and parent progress. Further, having entities sharing a tracking system ensures that “wraparound” services are provided when needed and cuts out duplication of services, saving scarce resources.

Fund Source: Stop having to create a spreadsheet and/or database for each new program or service! With SERIATION® STS, new fund sources (i.e. new programs and services) can be easily added and tracked. Within 60 seconds of a notice of a new fund source, SERIATION® STS can begin tracking and reporting “outcome” results either as an aggregate or by individual fund sources.

Event Category: Since most programs provide multiple services (e.g.: math tutoring, science tutoring, art classes, physical education, counseling, cooking, etc.) most service providers create multiple spreadsheets and paper based reports for their required tracking (who, what, when, where, how long, etc). These manual systems are time consuming and are prone to error with many eligible services provided never being recorded and many funding reports being difficult to prepare. With SERIATION® STS, the event category can be added accurately and efficiently, tracking can begin immediately, and funding report stress will be greatly reduced.

Event Types: Sub-units of work that may be a part of a service or activity (i.e. did a mentor/volunteer participate in the activity?, was technology involved? etc.) are often difficult to document. SERIATION® STS allows for more than one event type per service/activity, making reporting and evaluation of sub-units of work, no matter how detailed, a breeze.

Evaluation Measures: Since each fund source requires and measures different “outcomes”, a robust tracking system needs to account for each individual “outcome” evaluation measure. SERIATION® STS accomplishes that need, and more, by allowing each agency and/or school district to create and add their individualized evaluation measure(s) for each participant. Need to measure grade point average, TAKS passage, and school attendance for one fund source and school discipline referrals and self-concept survey results for another? That’s not a problem when using SERIATION® STS since pre-test and post-test data can be quickly and easily recorded, allowing creation of the needed “outcome” evaluation measures. Further, SERIATION® STS provides a unique “tickler” report that will alert you when its time for a follow-up on any evaluation measure(s).

Report: Clients with Percentages: SERIATION® STS easily calculates the cumbersome and time consuming “percent attendance” reports required by many grantors. The report calculates the percent attendance in the program, as well as, the percent attendance of separate services offered in the program based on parameters entered by your staff. Thus, you can quickly determine attendance in total as well as by “event category” for all clients for any date range.

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