Why is Zajonc so successful?

Zajonc Corporation has been successful because it has developed, over the course of sixteen years, an innovative, proven strategy for securing funds. Zajonc Corporation has developed a Funding Analysis Score (FAS) that identifies which of the nearly 20,000 funding sources are most likely to give funds to your agency and/or to your program/project. To generate a FAS, Zajonc Corporation conducts a comprehensive community ‘needs’ assessment and an organizational readiness analysis. The resulting data and information is entered into the FAS system. The system compares the resultant FAS score with the thousands of granting sources that are available and generates a list of the funding source(s) that are most likely to fund your agency and/or program/project. Armed with this list, Zajonc Corporation can write the proposal or prepare and provide an intensive grant writing, budgeting and evaluation “boot camp” for participants. The initial proposal development “boot camp” is 40 hours long. Participants who complete this “boot camp” are prepared to start writing competitive grant proposals immediately.

An evaluation conducted in 2005 by Zajonc Corporation showed that agencies utilizing the FAS system received 233 percent more money than those who did not utilize the system. Success stories are numerous. In one, a small non-profit agency, with an annual operating budget of $20,000 dollars, utilized the FAS system and was able to secure, within 14 months, $1.2 million dollars in funding to build a community center. A small for-profit agency, with an annual budget of less than $15,000 dollars, was able to secure contracts for over $850,000 dollars within nine months by using the FAS system.

Documented Success
Since January of 2005, Zajonc Corporation has secured over $22,000,000 in grant funds for its clients. See how Zajonc Corporation can assist you in securing your share of grant funds.